Art & Photo Restoration

Preserving Your Treasured Memories and Masterpieces

Since its inception in 1976, The Garden Gallery has offered conservation and restoration services for various forms of artwork, including paintings, prints, sculptures, and objets d’art, as well as photography and frames. We provide free evaluations, conservation assessments, and estimates at our gallery location.

Photo Restoration

Our photo restoration process is a sophisticated digital endeavor. A high-resolution scan or photograph is taken of the damaged photograph. Then using various software tools the image is then restored digitally, and a finished electronic file (JPEG) is created, saved, and becomes the property of the customer with one print. We can repair almost any kind of damage, including cracks, tears, discoloration, water damage, mold spots, red eye, etc. Objects and people can be added or removed and compositional issues such as overexposure, underexposure, and backlighting can also be corrected. Also, black and white photos can be colorized.

Painting Restoration

When restoring paintings, we employ the use of approved chemicals to thoroughly clean, neutralize acid activity, eliminate mold, and halt insect activity. We also address physical concerns such as paint loss, deteriorated mountings or backings, tears, and holes, taking the necessary remedial action to preserve the integrity and beauty of the artwork.

For print restoration, we will first assess the quality of the materials to determine if the piece is suitable for restoration. If deemed restorable, we will address all physical issues, including improper mounting, acid and light burn, tears, holes, and insect activity. Our aim is to restore the print to its best possible condition while preserving its essence and historical value.

In addition to our restoration services, we also offer expert advice and consultations on proper art storage, handling, and display to prevent future damage and ensure proper longevity.

Custom Framing Solutions