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James Krabiel: Exploring Chaos and Order through Mixed Media

James Krabiel is a contemporary American artist known for his mixed media paintings, drawings, and sculptures that explore the ideas of chaos and order, duality of life energies, and the physical and spiritual realms. Krabiel’s works are a fusion of different materials and techniques, creating a unique style that captures the viewer’s attention and imagination.

Early Life and Education

James Krabiel’s interest in art started at the age of eight, through comics and cartoons. He attended the Old Donation Center for the Gifted and Talented and then the Governors School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia, upon completion of the program in 1997. He was featured in Who’s Who of American High School Students in 2001 and held a successful show at the Kane Marie fine arts gallery in Virginia Beach. James then moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where he began working for Ron Stinson, a metal sculptor in the area. In September of 2001, he began attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and graduated with honors in May of 2005, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.

Style and Medium

James Krabiel’s works are characterized by his use of mixed media, fusing different materials and techniques to create a unique style. His works are a combination of painting, drawing, and sculpture, with a focus on exploring the duality of life energies and the physical and spiritual realms. Krabiel’s art often depicts elements of chaos and order, with a subtle balance between the two.

In his paintings, Krabiel uses a range of materials such as acrylic paint, oil sticks, and spray paint to create layered and textured surfaces. His drawings are a combination of ink, graphite, and charcoal, exploring the use of line and space. Krabiel’s sculptures are a combination of metal, wood, and other found materials, creating a three-dimensional representation of his ideas.

Exhibitions and Achievements

Since graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art, James Krabiel has exhibited his works in galleries and art shows throughout the United States. His works have been shown at the Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda, Maryland, and the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop in Washington, D.C. He has also participated in the Governor’s Island Art Fair in New York and the Baltimore Art Expo.

Krabiel’s achievements include receiving a scholarship for outstanding achievement in ceramics from the Maryland Institute College of Art and being selected for the Artists in Residence program at the Millay Colony for the Arts in Austerlitz, New York.

James Krabiel is a talented mixed media artist whose works explore the ideas of chaos and order, duality of life energies, and the physical and spiritual realms. His unique style and fusion of different materials and techniques create a captivating and thought-provoking experience for the viewer. Krabiel’s achievements in his art career, such as his participation in various exhibitions and residency programs, demonstrate his dedication and talent in his craft. Today, James Krabiel continues to create works that challenge and inspire his audience, making him a notable artist in the contemporary art scene.