Artist of The Garden Gallery

Susie Andrews: Discover the World of Whimsy and Elegance

Enter the enchanting world of Suzanne (Susie) Stamm Andrews, a lifetime resident of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and a prolific artist with a diverse range of artistic expressions. With an extensive business career alongside her passion for art, Susie has worked in various media, including painting, fabric, and jewelry design. Her journey with clay began in 1994, while assisting her husband’s clay classes. Since then, she has handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces, reflecting her love for nature, flowers, whimsy, and imagination.

Delicate Porcelain, Remarkable Designs

Susie’s mastery of porcelain allows her to create seemingly delicate and elegant forms, often reaching an impressive size. Her designs encompass a wide variety of art pieces, from bowl forms to wall hangings, masks, and sculptural forms. Her delightful “Critters” figurines embody charm and humor, with many showcasing a seasonal theme ranging from Halloween to Easter.

Rich Colors and Intricate Techniques

Each of Susie’s pieces features multiple glazes and are often multi-fired in oxidation to cone 06 – 05 in an electric kiln. This intricate process contributes to the depth, richness, and uniqueness of her creations.



A World of Inspiration

Susie’s art is driven by her inner expressions, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of subjects. She is constantly amazed by the beauty of nature, with its endless variety influencing her bowl forms, organic shapes, and glazes. Her love for humor, satire, and outrageous subjects is evident in her whimsical creations, including masks, fish, corals, dragons, fairies, mermaids, and pirates. Holiday-themed pieces, such as pumpkins, ghosts, witches, Santas, and Easter bunnies, reflect her love for the festive seasons.

Recognitions and Accolades

Susie’s exceptional work has earned her participation in numerous juried art shows, including the Holter Museum of Art, Artists Unlimited, Inc., Associated Artists Art Show, Dysfunctional juried art show, William Penn Charter School Juried Art Show, Westmoreland Art Nationals, and the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival.

Her work was published in The Ceramic Design Book by Lark Books in 1998, and she is a featured artist in the video series “Masters of Arts & Crafts,” produced by ON-LINE Communications of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.