Artist of The Garden Gallery

The Luminous Art of Dave Reinbold: Capturing the Essence of Light and the Beauty of the Everyday

Dave Reinbold, a native of Pennsylvania, has been captivated by the beauty of light and its transformative effects since his childhood. Growing up in a neighborhood filled with brick homes, fenced-in yards, open fields, and alleyways, Reinbold’s love for drawing and light emerged as he experimented with crayons and watercolors. Over time, his passion for light, line, and air only grew stronger, leading him to a successful career as an artist with his work featured in both private and museum collections.

A Lifelong Fascination with Light

From an early age, Reinbold found himself daydreaming in front of his parents’ dining room window, mesmerized by the way sunlight could transform objects and surfaces from hidden obscurity to radiant brilliance. This fascination with light stayed with him throughout his school years, and with a strong foundation in drawing, he discovered an expressive outlet for communication. Through undergraduate and graduate studies, Reinbold honed his skills as a draughtsman and painter, eventually receiving awards and recognition for his work.

The Artist’s Statement: A Passion for Light

“My passion is for light, whether it be streaming through a window, cutting across an open field or illuminating a group of trees in the early morning. My drawings are about light and air and the sensuality of the drawing hand moving across the paper. They express a feeling of the time of day and those fleeting moments of brilliance.”

Dave Reinbold’s art is a testament to his lifelong love affair with light. His drawings capture the essence of light and air, evoking the emotions and fleeting moments of brilliance experienced at different times of day. Through the careful and sensual movement of his hand across the paper, Reinbold creates striking images that reveal the beauty hidden in everyday scenes.

Dave Reinbold’s luminous art offers a unique perspective on the world around us, reminding us to appreciate the transformative power of light in our lives. By capturing the essence of light and air, he brings forth the beauty of everyday moments, revealing the brilliance that lies in even the most ordinary scenes. Let us celebrate the artistry and passion of Dave Reinbold, whose work serves as a beacon of inspiration, inviting us to see the world in a whole new light.